School Programs

Bring educational hands-on nature programs to your school this year!  

We specialize in bringing indoor and outdoor educational nature and science programs to our local schools in Massachusetts.  We provide a fun hands-on learning experience any time of the year.

Program length:  approximately one hour, depending on topic and content.  

School Program Fees are: $200-225, depending on the program, with discounts for multiple programs.  We can adapt any topic in the school curriculum to a fun engaging program.  There is a small travel fee for schools over 30 miles from Berlin.

Our most popular programs for elementary schools:

Earthworm Program

This popular program teaches students about our incredible earthworms and the important role they play in our environment. Together we will discover an earthworm’s anatomy and learn how it has adapted to its life underground. We will learn about how they break down living and dead material, and turn it into nutrient rich soil .  Students will develop a new appreciation for these simple invertebrates, while learning about decomposing and soil recycling.   We will also observe live earthworms with magnifiers, and each classroom has the option of making a wormfarm for the children to observe over the next few weeks.

Owl Pellet Program

This popular program teaches students about owls and their important role in the food chain.  We will learn about their physical and behavioral adaptations to living in the dark, and then we will dissect and study owl pellets.  Included are lessons on food chains and the interdependency of all living things in an ecosystem.

Creepy Crawly Creature Program

In this program we will discover some of our fascinating local bugs  - such as ladybugs, insects, worms, slugs, beetles and caterpillars.  We will learn about each of their characteristics and what makes them unique.  Through learning about our local species, we will gain a better understanding and appreciation of their importance to our lives, and their role in our ecosystem.   We will look closely at some of our local insects, and see the world through the eyes of an insect – with special lenses that show students how insects see things differently than we do.  An optional BUG HUNT outside can be added, so students can see firsthand where our insects can be found.

Life in A Pond Program

In this program we will learn about the many exciting forms of life in our local ponds.  We will discover the mammals, amphibians, invertebrates, fish, reptiles, birds and plants that make the pond their home.  This program works best with access to a pond or water area near the school, but can be done entirely indoors too.  We discover the fascinating eco-systems of ponds and all the creatures that live in and around it.  

Our Local Birds and Their Beaks Program
Learning about our local birds is a rewarding experience on many levels.  We will discuss which birds are common in Massachusetts and which ones are fun to study!  We will look at each species' unique characteristics, and will learn several of their songs.  We will be able to identify some by the end of the program.  Next we will learn how bird beaks have adapted over time to specialize in picking up different foods, and will practice being a bird with utensils that mimic bird beaks.

Winter Wildlife Tracking Program
We will teach students about the tracks of our local mammals and learn to identify which animals leave which types of tracks.   In addition to learning their tracks, we will also discover other wildlife 'signs', such as fur traces, scat and scratch marks.   Following an animal's tracks can teach us a lot about who lives in our woods and their behavior.  A short outdoor walk to look for tracks can be included as part of the program

Teacher Trainings in Outdoor Education - new!
Learn how to incorporate more outdoor education into your classroom.  This training includes suggestions on ways to share the outdoor world with your students and get them to connect regularly with their natural world.  

Little Chickadee - Preschool & Kindergarten Programs
Our Little Chickadee Programs teach students about out natural world, and the local wildlife and plants of New England. Programs take place at your school, and include a nature story, lesson and hands-on craft or activity. We also can lead outdoor walks on your schools land.    

Please email us for further information on our School Programs, and to schedule a program for your school.  

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